Simple Workout Plan – Exercises To Do At Home For Beginners

It doesn’t matter if you are new to fitness or an expert, it can be an absolute challenge to find the right workout routine, diet and supplements to meet your goals.

My goal is to make the process easy by providing tips and tricks for choosing the right one to meet your needs.  So you can come away from this post with a simple workout plan to help you meet your goals.

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The first thing that you want to do before picking your workout routine and diet is to identify your goals. Take a minute to think this through and write down. Make them specific and detailed. Then put that piece of paper somewhere you will have to look at them every day. It’s a great motivator!


One of the toughest obstacles is finding the time to do your workout. Try to schedule it for the same time every day. This way you can build a routine! It can be for the first thing every morning or right after work. Pick what is best for your and stick too it!

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Setting Expectations

Go into this plan with the correct expectations. You will not have a 6-pack after the first week. Out of all the people I have helped over the years, below is the typical results you should see and the time frames. Keep in mind that everyone is different so your results could vary.

First week

This is the week where you are super motivated and ready to take over the fitness simple workout planworld! You will be sore, but the motivation will push you

First 2 weeks

I call this hell week and it’s the timeframe where at least half of the people quick. You will be sore and tired this week and it’s all you’ll think about. Push this this week and it’ll get much better.

Feeling results Week 3-4

This is the point where you start feeling stronger. You don’t see results, but you feel them. There is a chance that you may also gain a little weight at this time, don’t be discouraged. Is the muscle building and the fat hasn’t started burning yet.

You Seeing Results

Around 2 months into your plan, you’ll start seeing small changes. Others may or may not see the changes also, but you def will.

Others Seeing results

The golden timeframe is around 10-12 weeks. This is when others will start to notice an improvement. If you push through the early stages, this is when it starts to really pay off.

Tracking Progress

Tracking your progress is key! I recommend that you do the following two items the first day of your workout and then every 2 or 4 weeks. Don’t do them weekly, in fact I prefer every 4 weeks. This gives your time to really see changes.


This is more than just weighing yourself. Actually pull out a tape measure and measure your belly, chest, thighs, arms and anything else that you are looking to improve.


Pictures tell 1000 words, right? There is nothing more motivating than comparing your Day 1 picture to your Day 90 picture.


I also recommend keeping a journal daily. It could be as simple as writing down how far you ran or how much you lifted. I would also include how you felt, what you struggled with and what you did well.

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Types of Fitness Programs


beginner workout routine for women at home

Picking the right program for you is important, if you hate to dance, thank you won’t stick with a dance program. Consider your goals, schedule and workout presence when picking out your program. Also remember to stick with a simple workout plan at first.  You can expand afterwards.


This type of program is typically for weight loss and endurance. It could be as simple as walking or running, but you run a risk of platuing if you don’t mix it up.

There are also programs that are designed to change and keep you progressing like Insanity.

Other alternative workout styles that are focused on cardio include:

Dance – CIZE and Zumba are good examples

Martial Arts – Core De Force and Tae Bo are popular

Weight lifting

Typically you do these types of routines to build muscle and overall strength. simple exercises to do at home for beginnersRecent studies also show that building muscle, can help reduce fat also. Normally these workouts include lifting weights in a gym or body weight workouts at home.  If you’re interested in strength building, you should take a look at my Body Beast review!

Hybrid workout plans

These are a combination of Cardio and Weight lifting. They help you build both strength and endurance at the same time. Hybrid programs have become very popular with P90X and P90X3.

There are also beginner hybrid programs like 21 day fix and P90.

Below are some detailed reviews I’ve done:

Types of Diet Plans

Fitness is great, but 80% of the results that your going to see come from your diet. The term diet gets a bad rap and is normally associated with cutting out all of the yummy items and replacing it with cardboard tasting food.

Times have changed and there are a lot of great tasting alternative diets and foods available. So now you can make eating healthy a lifestyle that you’ll continue instead of the typical short term diet from the past.

Several great eating plans include

Types of Supplements

You can boost your progress with healthy supplements. These are also great if you don’t have time to always make healthy meals or you feel drained an need a boost before working out.

Pre Workout

These are preworkout energy or muscle building boosts


Workout supplements include drinks that help you stay hydrated enhanced with electrolytes and vitamins

Post Workout

Protein shakes are the most popular post workout supplements are important for recovery and muscle building


There are a number of supplements that full into this category.

Final Success Tips

All of the aspects that I mentioned above are critical for achieving your fitness goals. You can see improvements with one or two of these, but to be successful and maintain your results, you need to consider all of them as part of your overall fitness.

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