21 Day Fix Review – Results and Workout Schedule

21 day fix

So many people are looking for the perfect workout and meal plan combination for weight loss. In reviewing a lot of programs, I see ones that have good workout plans, but lack on the meal plan or great meal plans with weak workouts.  So I wanted to write a review on what I believe is the best workout and meal plan program for weight loss.  Here is my 21 Day Fix Review…

21 Day Fix Review

Autumn Calabrese is the creator of the Beachbody 21 Day Fix workout and 21 day fix workouthas years of experience in both her own personal fitness and being a personal trainer. Autumn promises to give you a ‘beach ready body’ in just 3 weeks, which sounds tempting but hard to believe. I’ve seen some people lose up to 15 pounds in this 21 day program.

Autumn combines a solid workout program with the best portion control meal plan that I’ve seen in a very long time. She keep the meal plan simple and realistic for anyone that has little to no experience with portion control.  You are still able to eat a lot of the foods you like, just in these controlled portions

The workouts are perfect for beginners or people getting back into shape. They are not high impact and if you struggle with any of the moments, there is always someone showing you how to modify the movement to fit your needs.

I’ll dive into much more detail throughout this review on both the 21 Day fix workout and meal plan.

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Who is the 21 Day Fix Workout for?

As I mentioned before, I believe this program is best for beginners and those looking to get back into shape that are looking to lost weight and ton their bodies. A realistic expectation would be if you need to lose 5-10 pounds in the next 21 days, if you need to lose more, you can repeat this program multiple times to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

It’s also great for both men and women. The advertisements focus on women in the workouts, but I’ve see a lot of men have great success also.

If you fall into this category, this would be a great would program for you

If you have been working out for some time now and are struggling to loss a few extra pounds, the meal plan of this program will be helpful. But I don’t think you’ll be challenged by the workouts.  If that’s the case, I would recommend 21 Day Fix Extreme.  This comes with the same great meal plan system, but the workouts are more challenging than 21 Day Fix.  So if you want to take your fitness to the next level, jump up to 21 Day Fix Extreme.


The 21 Day Fix Workout Program

Below is the 21 Day Fix schedule:

21 day fix schedule

The 21 Day Fix workout comes with 2 DVDs which hold a total of 6 workouts. Each of these workouts are designed to ensure that you experience massive calorie burn in just 30 minute. The workouts are all unique and focus on different aspects of your body for maximum results.

One of the best features of 21 Day Fix is the person showing you how to modify. This person takes into account your fitness level and your injury status to show you the best moves for your situation without injuring yourself. This ensures that you are comfortable and safe throughout your routines.

During the first 2 weeks of the program you will be taking part in one workout per day. As you progress, the last week of the program you have the opportunity to take part in a doubles workout (1 workout in the morning and 1 workout in the evening).

Description of the 21 Day Fix DVD set:

21 day fix dvd

  1. Total Body Cardio Fix: Elevates your heart rate and improves your metabolism, resulting in lasting weight loss advantages.
  2. Upper Fix: Targets your back, chest, shoulders, abs, and arms, for a sculpted upper body.
  3. Lower Fix: Targets your thighs, butt, and calves.
  4. Pilates Fix: Sculpts your torso and tones your butt, hips, and thighs, through core strength exercises.
  5. Cardio Fix: Heightens your cardio exercise for improved cardio performance.
  6. Yoga Fix: Increases flexibility and tones your muscles.

Each of these workouts have been carefully crafted to give you a motivating workout experience.

21 Day Fix Meal Plan

Unlike most healthy meal plans which put you on a strict diet, 21 Day Fix 21 day fix meal planuses a portion control system to ensure optimized health benefits. This precise portion control system uses a color coded system of containers for food and a Shakeology shaker cup for drinks. It is also flexible depending on your goals and current situation.

Say goodbye to counting and measuring calories! With the 21 Day Fix eating plan you can eat as much food as can fit into the container while still losing weight.

  1. Green container for vegetables21 day fix containers
  2. Purple container for fruits
  3. Red containerfor proteins
  4. Yellow container for carbs
  5. Blue containerfor healthy fats and cheeses
  6. 2 Orange containersfor seeds and dressings
  7. Shakeology cup for drinks




21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme Review – The Verdict

Both programs are winners in my book!

21 Day Fix is the most complete workout program and meal plans for 21 day fix resultsbeginners or those looking to lose weight

The results really speak for themselves, where else can you find program that helps people lose up to 15 pounds in 21 day?

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If you combine the 21 Day Fix program with Shakeology, you should see even better results!

21 day fix results 2I also believe that the 21 Day Fix Extreme workout program is solid and great for those with a little higher fitness level that need to lose weight


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Great fitness program

Solid Portion control Meal Plan

The Portion control containers to make meal prep simples

Add to it the most nutrient dense shake on the planet and will see great results!

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Please let me know if you have any questions

Have a great day!


Please keep in mind that results may vary and every person is different, so it’s absurd to guarantee any range of results. These numbers are based on what past participants have seen.



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