AthLEAN X Review – Are The Supplements and Program Legit?


Athlean X review

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Athlean X review

Jeff Cavaliere’s roadway to fitness training super-stardom continues to progress. The New York and Connecticut-based physiotherapist and strength coach has created the AthLEAN X Training System ( ” AthLEAN X “), a 90-day program mostly but not entirely based upon his “behind the scenes ” experience with the New York Mets of Major League Baseball (MLB).

In my viewpoint, the Athlean X program is good but if you’re looking for strength gains or severe muscle mass, it’s not the very best. If you’re searching for looks, getting more fit, boosting athletic performance I ‘d suggest it.

The program is likewise not the very best for creating the ripped, LEAN, muscular body as declared. There are much better programs for that.

About AthLEAN X

It’s easy to implicate Mr. Cavaliere of getting on the “Build lean muscle, burn excess fat atATHLEAN-X the same time ” bandwagon, now inhabited by physical fitness and nutrition heavyweights like Tom Venuto ( ” Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle “), Craig Ballantyne ( ” Turbulence Training ‘), and Tony Horton of P90X fame. After all, we all know how lucrative the fitness and nutrition market is.

Nevertheless, prior to slamming Jeff’s motives for bringing AthLEAN-X to the public, let’s investigate his take on fitness and nutrition and see if it measures up to the hype.

Does Cavaliere have anything NEW to Offer You?

If nothing else, credit Jeff Cavaliere for selecting a catchy name for his program. “AthLEAN-X ” highlights the two (2) primary reasons the program might be for you:

To become a much better Athlete: Regardless of exactly what sport you are involved in and your existing level of success, a methodical training program’s bottom line need to be to help you perform much better. To give you that ripped, LEAN, muscular body that will keep turning heads.

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The AthLEAN-X Package

Cavaliere provides a comprehensive package that won’t review your head.

It includes:

Over a hundred-forty workouts totally showed and discussed by Jeff. Daily and weekly breakdowns of your program (Hint: You don’t do all 140 exercises!).

“AthLEAN Burst Training “, an expert option to cookie-cutter cardio exercises being offered at most fitness centers today. Guidance on truly tailoring your program, based upon private scenarios (i.e. existing physical fitness level, body composition, etc.)

AthLEAN-X Home Training System: A 90-day alternate training program for home-based exercises.

AthLEAN-X Challenges: You desire accountability, you got accountability! Measure your progress every four weeks and challenge yourself to do much better with a series of standard exercises you ‘ll never ever look at in the same way once again. An extensive audio interview where Jeff information what healthy eating and great nutrition (70% of your outcomes) are truly all about.

And, much, much MORE …

Who is AthLEAN-X really for?

  • Aspiring athletes (senior high school and above) trying to find a total fitness and nutrition system to enhance sport-specific efficiency.
  • Regular folks who have cannot get arise from “steady-state ” cardio and resistance training, and look for a genuine option.
  • Anyone disappointed with the time commitment required by other popular systems, and searching for a different program that delivers results.


Athlean X Review – The Verdict

Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with Athean X compared to other programs that I’ve complete.

Will you see results?

Absolutely, but If you’re looking for my opinion…  Which I hope you are since your here reading my Athlean X Review

If you’re looking to shred weight, build cardio and increase strength and become an elite athlete…

Click here to see a better workout for these results

Both myself and other people I know have just seen better results

Related Programs

Here are a few other programs that are similar to Athlean-X that you might want to check out are the CIZE Workout and Insanity Workout.

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