Beachbody Discount Coach

beachbody discount coach

Are you interested in Shakeology or any other Beachbody product, but concerned with the price? Let me introduce you to the term Beachbody Discount Coach…

This is a perfect way to get 25% off of all Beachbody products. Most people use this as a Shakeology discount but it can be used for anything including Shakeology, fitness programs (new and old), other supplements or fitness equipment.

What is a Beachbody Discount Coach?

The simple answer is that you sign up to be a beachbody coach, pay the initial $37 fee and you are automatically given the 25% off discount. It’s really that simple.

If you’re interested here is the link to sign up to become a discount coach

But I don’t want to Coach or Start a business…

No problem, you don’t have to recruit anyone or sell anything. You don’t even have to log into the back office.. ever!  Beachbody doesn’t require you to run a business to get the discount.

Are there any requirements?

Yes, there are a few, but they are easy to recover or “avoid”

  • There is an Initial fee of $39.95 to become a coach. This is a onetime fee that you never have to pay again. The good news is that you can avoid this fee by purchasing a challenge pack when you sign up to be a Beachbody discount coach.  If you do that, they waive the initial fee.  There is more on this option down a little further.
  • You are required to meet a monthly 50 Personal Volume (PV). This is another easy one, if you are like 99% of discount coaches, you are signing up to do this to buy Shakeology.  Shakeology gives you 90 PV which easily covers this requirement.
  • Lastly there is a $15.95 monthly fee, unfortunate this one is unavoidable and really the only requirement if you follow what I mentioned above.

Tell me more about how I can avoid the initial $39.95 fee!

As I mentioned before, if you are conceding the option to become a Beachbody Discount Coach, it’s because you want to purchase Shakeology. So to eliminate this initial fee, you can purchase a challenge pack when you sign up.

This challenge pack gives you a 30 day supply of Shakeology and your choice of a 90 subscription to Beachbody on demand or a fitness program of your choice. Prices on challenge packs vary, but you can get them for as little as $140.  When you do, Beachbody waives the $39.95 fee.  So you get a huge savings!

Lets do the math:

  • Your Cost $140…
  • Normal cost:
    • Shakeology – $125
    • Fitness Program – $40
    • Initial Coaching Fee – $40
    • Totaling $205

You Save $65 with this option! If you do the math, signing up as a Beachbody discount coach is a no brainer!

Plus the money that you will save each month

shakeology discount

Are you reach to become a coach and save $65 upfront and 25% in the future?

The option is always there if you want to start your own business and make some money on the side.

This is only if you want too

Otherwise just enjoy the discount and get into the best shape of your life!

Here is the link one more time

Reach out to me if you have any questions

I’m happy to help

To your health!