Body Beast Review

body beast review

Many people have been saying that The Body Beast Workout is one of the best workouts if you are looking to build muscle. But is it really as good as They Say? Here is my Body Beast Review with everything you need to know to make that decision

Body Beast Review

Are you looking to build muscle, get toned or just get jacked up for the summer or vacation? Body beast may be the best solution for you!

Don’t worry ladies about bulking up with this workout! You could choose to go that route, but you are more likely to get that slim and toned which is an option with this workout programbody beast

As I mentioned before, the body best workout focused on building and/or toning muscles. If you’re looking for a pure cardio workout to raise your endurance, this isn’t the right one for you.  You should check out the Insanity workout if you’re looking for cardio or PiYo if you’re looking for low impact.

Now that we have that out of the way, Sagi structures this Body Beast schedule very well, it is a 90 day program that has 3 phases. These phases are one month long each and take you through the Build, Bulk and Beast (cut) process.  There are 12 different workouts throughout the program and he schedules them to provide you with the best results.

In the end you will see great results from this workout.  You’ll increase your strength while reducing your fat at the same time.  The meal plan also complements the workouts for even better results.

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Is Body Beast For Women and/or Beginners?

Yes of course! I get a lot of females asking if the beast is OK for them or they are worried they might bulk up too much. The truth is bulking up for a woman is hard. Very possible, but you really gotta push, get that diet in check and work hard! All I can say is GO HERE and look at the before and after pictures of the woman and you will see they are not super huge, but more defined, toned, and lean.

As for beginners this is a GREAT WORKOUT! I wish I had this when I started. You get a great foundation of knowledge or great techniques and systems in bodybuilding. You also get the person doing the modified moves with limited equipment which a lot of beginners may need.

Overall yes it is for you! Push play, follow the videos, eat right, stay on track and you will be amazed at your transformation!

Body Beast Schedule

body beast schedule

As I mentioned before, the schedule is broken down into 3 one month phases; Build, Bulk and Beast.

  • Build – This phase is the building blocks for the workout. You will build a foundation of muscles and focus on your form and range of motion. You may not see physical results when coming out of this phase but you will feel stronger. This is important for the next phase
  • Bulk – Now that you have the base strength that you need, the workouts and meal plan for phase two will start to build the size of your muscles (or tone if you go that route). You should start seeing your muscles grow in this phase.
  • Beast – I also think of this as the cut phase. Now that you have strength and bulk, this phase chisels you body by cutting the fat away. At the end of this phase you should see significant results from when you started the Body Beast program.

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Body Beast Workout

body beast workout

It varies, but below are the times. Most Build Phase workouts are longer and the Bulk Phase are shorter.

Build Phase

  • Build Legs: 38 min
  • Build Chest/Tris: 48 min
  • Build Back/Bis: 50 min
  • Build Shoulders: 38 min

Bulk Phase

  • Bulk Legs: 41 min
  • Bulk Arms: 35 min
  • Bulk Chest: 30 min
  • Bulk Back: 29 min
  • Bulk Shoulders: 35 min

Other Workouts

  • Beast Abs: 10 min
  • Beast Cardio: 38 min
  • Beast Total Body: 38 min

In addition to the workout videos, you will get the Body Beast workout

body beast workout sheets

sheets and schedule. The Body Beast calendar will be a nice motivation

item to hang on the wall and mark of your progress.

Another great item that comes with the package is the Body Beast meal plan. This is key to make sure that you see the best results possible.

Body Beast Equipment Needs

  • Dumbbells – You will want a variety of weights. I prefer the Bowflex adjustable weights because they don’t take up a lot of space and adjust quickly. But they can be a little pricey, so you can get dumbbell of different weights that your conformable with and upgrade to the adjustable ones at some point in the future
  • Bench – Get a bench if you can otherwise you can use a blow up exercise ball. They do have a guy doing modified moves. The first few times I did the workout I had to follow the modifier and use an exercise ball, but once you go up in weight, you will want to consider a bench
  • Pull Up Bar – A pull up bar with either an assistance band or nearby chair are ideal. Just make sure that your pull up bar is installed correctly so there is no chance of it falling. If you don’t have a pull up bar or not ready for one, you can use resistance bands and follow the modifier.
  • That is really it… like I said you can follow the modified and get away with just some dumbbells, a stability ball, and some resistance bands.

Where To Buy Body Beast

At this point in the Body Beast workout review, I bet you’re wondering.  Where do I buy Body Beast?

After searching across the internet I have determined that there are really only one reputable sources that I would buy the Body Beast workout from: The official Beachbody store.

There are 2 options when buying Body Beast:

  • Base Pack – this is the base program
  • Challenge Pack – This is the program and the Performance Supplements for quicker results. I would recommend this one if you want to get the best results

Body Beast Review Verdict

It really works!body beast results

I saw great results after the 90 day. The program was tough, but I felt energized and much stronger at the end of it.

I like it so much I did a second round!

body beast results 3There are also a number of reviews from people that did the lean (tone) Body Best schedule and came out of it with awesome results also. They didn’t bulk up with the lean program like some were afraid of, but they came out of it toned and much stronger

If you are looking for a solid strength program for at home

This is the program that you will want to get!

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If you’re looking to see insane

body beast results 2


I would recommend pairing the Body Beast workout with the performance supplements

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Feel free to reach out if you have any question

Have a great day!



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