Core De Force Review

core de force

The newest kickboxing workout program was released by Beachbody and is called Core De Force!

This is an intense 30 day program that will have you kicking and punching the fat away!

Check out this Core De Force Review for all the detail you will need

What is Core De Force?

Core de Force was created by Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews.

Joel is an elite personal coach who owns a gym in Olympia, Washington and a national body combat trainer.

Jericho on the other hand has a physical education and kinesiology degree and has worked as an international master trainer for over 10 years.

Core de Force is a one month workout program. It is inspired by one of the core de force calendarmost demanding and dynamic sports – mixed martial arts.

In theory, this is a one size fits all style program. Having said that, it’s an intense program that also includes modifiers if you can’t keep up with the normal moves.  Since the program is only 30 days long, there are a number of beginners that will have to do the full 30 days will some of the modifiers.

It is however, a very dynamic program, with lots of power moves and variety of sequences. It’s perfect for those looking for an intense cardio workout.

  • No equipment, bodyweight moves
  • Total body workout
  • Intense cardio sessions
  • Low impact (which is kind of surprising)

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What is the Core De Force Meal Plan Like?

The meal plan follows the same way of eating that the 21 Day Fix program introduced, Portion Control. Once you determine your calories, you can then follow the specific number of containers you need in a day. They also add in extra fats and fruit as the program goes along because the workouts become more intense and you need those extra calories!

The program includes all of the information you will need to be successful with this Portion Fix Approach

Can You Get Results with this Program?

core de force workout

You Bet You Can!!

The primary goal of this program is to lose wait, which most people do!

But you will also increase your strength, speed and cardio..

Check out these Core De Force results!

core de force results 1

core de force results 2

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What are the Core De Force Workouts?

Here is what you should expect from the Core De Force Program:

  • 10 workouts total, and a lot of diversity
  • Duration is between 27-47 minutes, and there are two additional 5 minute videos
  • Less complex moves at first, adding complexity as you enter your third week
  • Modifier at all times, and for each move (very simple to follow, so you can ease your way into the program if necessary)
  • Lots of punches, kicks, and power moves
  • Surprisingly, low-to-medium impact moves throughout the entire workout
  • Workouts are divided into a couple of 3-minute rounds, just like a boxing match. Each has a cardio spike within.
  • Standing rotational moves that don’t feel like ab-work at all, yet target the core far more than series of crunches


Here is the full list of Core de Force workouts:

  • MMA Speed – This sets the pace for the first half of the program, and it starts somewhat easy. Core rotation and hip moves, tied into dynamic sequences that are far from repetitive.
  • Dynamic strength – This starts simple, with a lot of push-up and squat variations, plus some balance moves in between. The complexity increases as you repeat the circuit. I really enjoyed the pace. It’s a resistance session through-and-through.
  • 5 Minute Core on the Floor – Apart from being a well-structure ab workout, this one can be used as a supplement to other programs as well. It’s insanely short (only 5 minutes), but it’s innovative and dynamic with a lot of plank variations. Completing it right after another workout is a real core blast.
  • Power sculpt – Power sculpt is a low impact plyometric session, with a lot of back and forth between on the floor moves and standing exercises. This will add some explosiveness to the entire circuit, and your core will do most of the work. Again, it doesn’t feel like a traditional core workout.
  • MMA shred – This one is really dynamic with lots of power kicks. You will switch between jabs, knee kicks, and a volley of punches. A real mixed martial arts training session, if you will. It feels good to move elegantly through each round, and I love how easy it is to coordinate your punches. The whole workout feels like a ghost-boxing match, and adrenaline goes through the roof.
  • MMA Power – Here is where things are starting to become more intense. Cardio is getting fast paced, moves are becoming more complex and a lot of diversity is being introduced. You will learn some more kicks and combine them into killer 3-minute rounds.
  • MMA Plyo – I’ve never previously incorporated so many rotational moves in my workouts. It is refreshing to see how core sessions can be spiced up and done differently. Seeing Plyo in the title made me think this will have more jumping than anything else, but the opposite is true. It’s a fast paced rotational combo. Lots of explosiveness and lots of core moves.
  • Core de Force Relief – This one is 5 minutes only, and goes over stretching moves, mostly targeting your hamstrings. You will ease into deep stretches, and improve your flexibility.
  • Active Recovery – Quite more comprehensive when compared to Core de Force relief, this is the recovery session of Core de Force. Preparing your body for the following week, you are fighting muscle soreness and improving mobility, range of motion and flexibility.
  • Core Kinetics – A bonus workout with lots of unique MMA inspired moves. Rotational work, elegant looking sequences, and rather short duration for the intensity it provides.
  • Learn It – This is the training segment they give you before some of the workouts, trying to build a solid foundation. Most of the kicks are not covered for they are simple enough for you to catch on the fly, but complex movements are dissected and explained carefully.

All in all, the workouts are fast paced, dynamic and target the entirety of your body. This is a boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai rollercoaster. I had lots of fun going over each and every one.

Where To Buy Core De Force

At this point in the Core de Force workout review, I bet you’re wondering.  Where do I buy Core de Force?

After searching across the internet I have determined that there are really only one reputable sources that I would buy the Core de Force workout from: The official Beachbody store.

There are 3 options when buying Core de Force:

  • Base Pack – this is the base program
  • Deluxe Pack – This comes with the additional workouts that I mentioned before
  • Core de Force Challenge Pack – This is the program and the famous Shakeology. I would recommend this one if you want to get the best results

Core De Force Workout Review – The Verdict

Alright, so is Core De Force actually legit?


It is 100% legit…

In other words, it works!

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If you want a program that works with insane results, you need to try this one!

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