Focus T25 Workout Review

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There are so many articles out there that call themselves a T25 workout review. Most of them are extremely biased or very generic with the information they provide.

I would like to give you my detailed T25 review. Take a look over it and decided if it is a good fit for you

Focus T25 Review

Beachbody has released the Focus T25 workout program from Shaun T.Focus-T25 This is a 10 week program split up into 2 phases (T25 Alpha and T25 Beta), each being 5 weeks long.  The workouts themselves are 25 minutes long and are packed full of intensity.  So you get a great workout in a very short time.

Shaun focuses on cardio in these workouts, but there are plenty of strength building movements that it creates an overall good balance in the program. The T25 workout schedule is for 5 days each week with the other two being rest and stretch days.

Who is T25 workout for?

The T25 workout program is for men and women who have an intermediate to advanced level of fitness

If you are still new to exercise, this program might be too intense. Although there is a woman who does low-intensity a low-impact modifiers that would help you.

For those that are brand new to working out, I would suggest either trying the 21 day fix or CIZE. This would be the second step after completing one of those programs

People who enjoy an athletic style workout without complicated choreography

Men and women who lead BUSY lives! The workouts are only 25 minutes long

If you have a full-time job or are taking care of a family, you likely don’t have time to spend a few hours going to and working out at the gym.

Focus T25 Schedule

As mention before, this program is broken into two sections, the T25 Alpha Schedule and the T25 Beta Schedule. Each schedule is 5 weeks long and is designed to prevent you from plateauing and continuing to see improvements.

T25 Alpha Schedule


In the first 5 weeks of the program, you’ll do 5 workouts a week. On the 5th day, you’ll do two workouts before your two days of rest/stretching. Each workout is different and will target the entire body or different body parts on specific days.  You’ll have one day of rest per week and one day to focus on stretching out your body.

I would recommend against programs that have you workout 7 days a week since your body won’t have time to recover. Stretching is also important to help increase your flexibility and make sure you won’t get sore after each workout.  Especially when doing lunges or squats which can lead your muscles to feel really tight.

After finishing the Alpha Phase of T25, you will definitely have lost some inches and pounds. Remember to take your before and after measurements at the end of this cycle.  After your rest day, you are ready to start the Beta Phase!

T25 Beta Schedule


Level Two continues with tough all body workouts but they are more advanced than the Alpha workouts. You’ll still focus on the core, upper and lower body and high intensity cardio workouts. But because it is higher intensity and faster-paced, you’ll burn more calories in the same amount of time.  Don’t skip to this phase until you have finished the full 5 weeks of Alpha!

Focus T25 Meal Plan

They say that 80% of weight loss is your diet, not the workout. The workout just multiplies your results.  You could do 5 workouts a day, but if you are stuffing yourself with chocolate bars and deep fried food on a daily basis, you will NOT lose weight.  You need the right fuel to stay healthy and energized. And you need to make sure that you are burning MORE calories on a daily basis than you are consuming to lose weight!

Included in your T25 package is a full meal plan. The premise of the eating plan is to eat smaller meals instead of 3 big ones. Eat 5 small meals a day to keep your body energized and fueled throughout the day.

What comes with the T25 Workout

There are two different packages you can get. The first one is the basic kit which has everything you need to get started with the Alpha and Beta phases. The second kid is the deluxe version which contains several extra workouts and equipment.

t25 review

The T25 Base Kit Contains the Following:

  • 11 workouts (25 minutes long each) on 9 DVDs
  • Quick-Start and Nutrition Guide
  • ALPHA & BETA 5 week workout calendars
  • 5 Day “Fast Track” Guide
  • Resistance Band (Simulating 15 pounds of resistance)

You can learn more about the Base Kit

The T25 Deluxe Kit Contains:

In the Deluxe Kit, you’ll get all the contents above in the base kit plus several extra bonuses including an extra Phase called GAMMA and some useful equipment.

  • T25 GAMMA workouts (4 extra advanced workouts)
  • Beachbody Mini workout mat
  • 2 Extra Resistance Bands (Simulating 20 and 25 pounds of resistance)
  • Pure Strength Hybrid Workout Calendar

Click here to Get the Deluxe Kit

You get the complete kit by going with the Deluxe version, but either way you can get fantastic results with the Base Program.

Focus T25 Results

Your results are obviously determined by how much effort you put into the program. The potential is there and a lot of people have seen great results from the program.

Here are some examples:

T25 results 2

If you do 2-3 workouts a week and don’t monitor your calorie intake, you’re not going to do so hot. You might maintain your current weight but you won’t lose a lot of weight.

If you workout 5 times a week and follow the nutrition plan using the color containers, you WILL have success.

T25 results 1

Where To Buy Focus T25 Workout

At this point in the T25 workout review, I bet you’re wondering.  Where do I buy Focus T25?

After searching across the internet I have determined that there are really only one reputable sources that I would buy the Focus T25 workout from: The official Beachbody store.

There are 3 options when buying Focus T25 :

  • Base Pack – this is the base program
  • Deluxe Pack – This comes with the additional workouts that I mentioned before
  • Focus T25 Challenge Pack – This is the program and the famous Shakeology. I would recommend this one if you want to get the best results

Focus T25 Workout Review – The Verdict

Alright, so is T25 actually legit?


You saw from the results

It is 100% legit…

Click HERE and Get Started Today…

If you want a program that works with insane results, you need to try this one!

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