Fucoxanthin – Weight Loss


If your involved with fitness and weight loss, you have been hearing about the weight loss benefits of Fucoxanthin.

Like most people, when I first hear this new F word, I had no clue what it was.

So I want to take a few minutes to explain it to you and how this can be beneficial in your life.

What is Fucoxanthin?

Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid (pigment) found in brown seaweed. It can also be found in other marine sources, in green and red seaweed, though it is most concentrated in the brown ones.

It is scientifically proven that seaweed does wonders, being extremely beneficial for the human body. Fucoxanthin is renowned for helping with overall health and being efficient against cancer. Seaweed is rich in protein , carbohydrates, vitamins , healthy fats, and full of potassium and iodine. It has the ability to clean the body, facilitating the elimination of toxic waste. It also detoxifies the body, possesses anti-obesity effects, helping in losing weight and reducing the accumulation of fat.

Fucoxanthin Health Benefits

Helps with Weight Loss

Even if you consume the same as before, it helps in decreasing fat stores. It has weight loss capabilities, but without exercise on a regular basis, the results will not be extremely quick, requiring from 5 to 16 weeks. It likewise decreases fat build-up within the liver, decreasing also the fat that covers the human organs.

For quick results, our diet should consist of protein and a lot of vegetables, in order to improve weight loss. Eating green vegetables is a simple method to make our metabolism work harder, therefore getting rid of the yearnings for unhealthy foods.

In addition, the body burns twice as many calories absorbing protein instead of carbs. A simple way to add protein to our diet is including 2 meals each week based upon fish.

Alongside with a well balanced diet plan, it will help in burning fat efficiently, and will rapidly decrease fat kept, especially in the abdominal location.

A balanced diet and constant exercise are the very best method to reduce weight but, getting a little boost from fucoxanthin are constantly invited.

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Prevents Diabetes

Fucoxanthin helps in lowering insulin and glucose levels within the blood. This is due to the fact that it promotes the secretion of DHA which is accountable for increasing insulin level of sensitivity and decreasing triglycerides and LDL levels.

LDL is the lipoprotein that contains the highest amount of cholesterol (60-70% of overall cholesterol). It is called “the bad cholesterol” due to the fact that this lipoprotein facilitates lipid storage on the arterial walls. High levels of LDL cholesterol show a substantially increased risk of cancer.

Besides lowering cholesterol, this carotenoid also stabilizes the level of insulin, helping us to control our sugar cravings easier.

Prevents Cancer

The current researches have actually recommended that it may also have anti-tumor effects, but there are no concrete research studies yet to show whether this is true or there are only reports. It is said that has effects on prostate cancer, lowering the development of cancer cells.

Nevertheless, it is prematurely to utilize fucoxanthin as a complementary treatment for cancer.

Best source of Fucoxanthin?


So now that we know the many benefits of Fucoxanthin, including weight loss.

What is the best way to incorporate it into my diet?

Well you could get it through seaweed as I described before, but seaweed is an acquired taste.

I would recommend a Fucoxanthin supplement

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This way it is simple to take and you don’t have to keep eating nasty seaweed


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I hope that this help!

Have a great day

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