P90X Workout Review


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you have heard of the workout program called P90X.  Is it legit?  Here is my detailed P90X Review!

P90X Review Overview

The P90X workout is one of the premier workout programs from Beachbody and was designed by Tony Horton. Tony has a number of successful workout programs under his belt, but this is without a doubt his most popular one.

The results that some people are getting are almost too good to be true. Well they were to good to be true before I did the program myself.  This is a tough program that focuses on a method that Tony calls “Muscle Confusion” to make these huge gains in only 90 days.

I’ll go more into the muscle confusion concept next.

What Makes the P90X Workout Better?

So what’s the secret or technique that P90X claims makes it so effective? muscle confusion“Muscle Confusion” Your body is highly adaptable and when you go into the gym day after day after day and perform the same workout over and over again, it’s going to get used to it.

It’s going to realize that it can easily get through that workout and it will see no reason to continue to progress. That’s when results stop and you hit the plateau.

To combat this, you must kick your body out of its comfort zone and give it something it’s not used to seeing. This could be new exercises, new rep ranges, heavier weight, reduced rest, a different execution order of the exercises and so on. As long as something changes, you should still get results.

The P90X system utilizes this principle to the max. They are offering you a total of 12 different workouts so you can be sure your body never knows what’s coming.

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Who Is P90X for?

p90x workout

This program is really designed for the intermediate or advance people that have a base level of fitness. I have known a lot of beginners that have completed the program, but they had to repeat the first phase.  This allowed them to get their fitness level up high enough where they could make Phase 2 productive.

The p90x program does offer modified movements for each of their workouts. So this will help beginners keep up with the program.  Please the pace is slower, with a lot of breaks.  This helps you recover and keep up.

But the catch is that all the workout regimens in the program lasts around 50-60 minutes and burn around 500-700 calories and that is a lot. Which is why I think it’s more of an intermediate or advanced workout.

As will every workout plan, you should consult a doctor before you begin the program.

P90X Workout Schedule

The P90X workout programs is 12 weeks long and broken down into 3 p90x workout scheduledifferent phases. Within the phases there is a wide variety of workout styles that will give your body the best overcall workout possible.

Here is a breakdown of the workouts:

  • Chest & Back: This is push and pull to the max…you will go from pushups to pull-ups and by using different hand positions and grips to work different muscles.
  • Plyometrics: (Jump Training) “The Mother of All P90X Workouts! And I kid you not. This is one of the toughest workouts in the program.  Don’t get too scared, there are modifiers for every move.
  • Shoulders & Arms: Man o Man I look forward to this workout. It focuses on the “Glamour Muscles” Shoulder Biceps and Triceps. You will be working these muscles hard on this day. You will do a set of 3 exercise in the order of Shoulder, Biceps then Triceps and then repeat those same moves. 5 Sets
  • Yoga X: Yoga is the fountain of youth according to Tony. This is an intense yoga session that is tough the first few times you do it, but you’ll be come a yoga master by the end of it.
  • Legs & Back: Time for legs, as if I haven’t used them all week in the other workouts, now it’s time to Bring it. In the workout you will go from leg, to calve to pull-ups.
  • Kenpo X: Kenpo is fun. You’ll be done with this workout before you know it. From punching to kicking Karate style, fun packed workout right here.
  • X Stretch: This is mainly used on your recovery weeks but is also your 7th day workout (or you can choose to rest)
  • Core Synergistics: Synergistics is working multiple muscles at the same time. This is another really tough workout for me. You are using your core muscles in every move from pushups to squats and lunges.
  • Chest Shoulders and Triceps: Back to shoulders and triceps. I enjoy all of the non-cardio days and this one is another one of my favorites, you will doing pushups in so many forms on this day while blasting those triceps muscles as well.
  • Back and Biceps: Just what it says…Time to blast those biceps, move after move after move, and your break from biceps is pull ups.
  • Cardio X: Another fun cardio workout. This incorporates all the other cardio workouts in 1. You’ll start with Yoga, then move to Kenpo, Plyo, and finish with Core. This is the shortest P90X workout at 43 minutes, but it’s a huge calorie burn.
  • P90X Ab Ripper X: This is an extreme ab workout that provides great results

What comes with the P90X Workout?

The base workout program comes with the 12 DVD/Workouts that we justP90X dvd went over. In addition to that, you get all of these killer bonuses

  • P90X Meal Plan – Tells you what to eat to change the way your body uses food and burns fat.
  • P90X Fitness Guide – Learn how to customize your workout goals, track your progress, and stay motivated.
  • How to Bring It Video – “How to Bring It” Video. Get an overview of the P90X system and tips on how to get started.
  • P90X Calendar – Schedule your workouts and track your progress every day.

What Equipment do you need?

The good news is that most of the P90X movements use your own body weight, but there are a few items that’ll you need to get through the program.

  • Pull-Up Bar – since 3 of the 12 different workouts will have you doing some form of pull-ups / chin-ups. If you don’t have a pull-up bar, you could get away with using resistance bands for these movements.
  • Dumbbells or Resistance Bands – Personally I’d always go with the dumbbells since they are by far better at building muscle and strength compared to resistance bands.

Where To Buy P90X

At this point in the P90X workout review, I bet you’re wondering.  Where do I buy P90X?

After searching across the internet I have determined that there are really only one reputable sources that I would buy the P90X workout from: The official Beachbody store.

There are 3 options when buying P90X:

  • Base Pack – this is the base program
  • Deluxe Pack – This comes with the additional workouts that I mentioned before
  • P90X Challenge Pack – This is the program and the famous Shakeology. I would recommend this one if you want to get the best results

P90X Workout Review – The Verdict

Alright, so is P90X actually legit?


Look at these results:

p90x results

It is 100% legit…

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If you want a program that works with insane results, you need to try this one!

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