P90X3 Workout Review


I’m pretty excited to review the P90X3 workout since I’ve completed it 4 times. If you’re looking for an all-around fitness program that helps you lose weight, increase strength and boost your endurance/flexibility.  You will want to check out this P90X3 workout review.

P90X3 Review

Tony Horton, the creator of P90X and P90 took everything he learnedp90x3 workout from years of doing p90x, listened to busy people like you and me and crammed it all into 30 minutes workout program. In my opinion, this is without a doubt the best program in the series. I like it so much that I’ve completed it 4 times now.

The P90X3 workout provides the same results as P90X in a fraction of the time. Just about anyone can find 30 minutes in their day to workout.

Unlike P90X, this workout program is great for every level of fitness from beginner to advanced. I feel like you needed a certain level of fitness for P90X.  Tony made the adjustments with P90X3 to allow beginners to jump in on the fun!

You get to do yoga, pilates, legs, back, biceps, triceps and of course abs throughout the entire week. So the results you will get range from strength gains to weight loss.

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Who is P90X3 For?

  • All fitness levels from Beginner to Advanced
  • You loved P90x or P90x2 but you wished the workouts were not so long!
  • If you weren’t able to complete P90X, but you still want to get the results
  • If you are looking for a well-rounded workout plan
  • Well everyone and anyone to be honest. More specifically, busy people period.
  • You have a busy kid’s schedule with no time and need a fast workout!
  • If you work a ton of hours a week to pay the bills, but you have limited Time.
  • You Want To Take Your Fitness To the Next Level

P90X3 Workout Schedule

There are actually four type of schedules you can follow and I’ll describe them below.

  • Classic – This is for people who really want a balanced routine where you p90x3 workout schedulefocus on both cardio and strength training using a traditional workout week. You will gain muscle, lose fat and strengthen all those inner connection muscles for great posture and balance.
  • Lean – This is for those that want more of a toned looked and aren’t interested in putting on a lot of muscle. You focus on mobility, flexibility, toning muscle and cardio.
  • Mass – If you are looking to bulk up and pack on muscle. Great for anyone one feeling too skinny, athletes needing to pack on muscle. You will need to follow the nutrition guide closely so you are eating the right amount of calories to gain weight. You also need to focus on the reps and sets. Make sure you are maximizing your effort and slow down.
  • Doubles – This is really for those that are at the advanced fitness level. You will seriously be working your butt off twice a day.

What comes with P90X3

p90x3 review

The P90X3 workout program comes with 16 workouts. Below is a brief description of each:

  • Total Synergistics – A full-body resistance workout that triggers fast, powerful changes to your body’s composition.
  • The Challenge – Strengthen your entire upper body by stacking push-ups and pull-ups in ways you’ve probably never seen.
  • Incinerator – Bring It ’til there’s nothing left to bring. A full burnout session that pushes you past your limits.
  • Eccentric Upper – Time under tension is the key to creating lean-muscle growth fast. This upper-body blast will have you begging for mercy.
  • Eccentric lower – You’ll be slowing down the eccentric (or negative) half of each movement to carve a ripped lower body—faster.
  • The Warrior – When you need a one-size-fits-all workout that can be done anytime, anywhere, this is your workout.
  • Agility X – This fusion of aerobic and anaerobic energy improves your precision, flexibility, balance, and strength.
  • Triometrics – Increase your speed and power in a fraction of the time with this explosive next-generation plyo workout.
  • Decelerator – Balance your ability to go up strong and come down safe with multi-angle deceleration training.
  • CVX – Now resistance is combined with intervals to give you that full-body burn and power up your core.
  • MMX – Burn fat by taxing your strength, endurance, and flexibility with this martial arts-based cardio workout.
  • Accelerator – Increase your cardiovascular and muscular efficiency, resulting in more bang for your fat-burning buck.
  • X3 Yoga – A flow-style practice that improves your musculoskeletal flexibility, balance, stamina, and core strength.
  • Pilates X – Power your core, gain muscle elasticity, and stabilize your joints, as Pilates fundamentals meet modern science.
  • Isometrix – Isometric contraction combined with instability—this workout gives you an unshakable platform to work from.
  • Dynamix – Increase your range of motion, flexibility, and stabilization to help maximize the results you get from every routine.

Also included in this program are some great bonuses:

  • Fitness Guide – Your step-by-step guide to getting the most out of Tony’s accelerated extreme fitness program.
  • Nutrition Guide – A simplified approach to healthy eating designed to get you ripped—and help you stay that way.
  • P90X3 Workout Calendar – Tony gives you each day’s workout, so all you have to do is get in—and crush it.
  • “How to Accelerate” DVD – This easy-to-follow P90X3 intro shows you how to achieve your best results in the fastest time.
  • 24/7 Online Support – Free support around the clock plus exclusive access to fitness experts and other people just like you.
  • Pro-Grade Resistance Band – To get really ripped, your muscles need to be challenged by the right resistance. The P90X3 workouts were designed with this premium band in mind.

Where To Buy P90X3

At this point in the P90X3 workout review, I bet you’re wondering.  Where do I buy P90X3?

After searching across the internet I have determined that there are really only one reputable sources that I would buy the P90X3 workout from: The official Beachbody store.

There are 3 options when buying P90X3:

  • Base Pack – this is the base program
  • Deluxe Pack – This comes with the additional workouts that I mentioned before
  • Challenge Pack – This is the program and the famous Shakeology. I would recommend this one if you want to get the best results

P90X3 Workout Review – The Verdict

Alright, so is P90X3 actually legit?


Look at these results:

P90x3 Results

It is 100% legit…

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If you want a program that works with insane results, you need to try this one!

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