Shift Shop Workout Review

shift shop workout

Are you looking for an intense 21 day workout program that has proven weight lose, strength and endurance results?

Check out the Shift Shop workout review!

Shift Shop Workout Review

The Shift Shop is a HIIT style workout program from Beachbody’s newest super trainer, Chris Downing. Chris Downing is a personal trainer that takes an engaging, motivation-based approach to helping clients increase their physical and mental strength. According to the program’s website, Chris’s results-driven methods can be effective for everyone from beginners to gym rats, using short interval workouts that can deliver results fast.

The Shift Shop Workout is a three-week workout program that uses proven strength and conditioning techniques, active agility training, and core-focused abdominal routines to help “shift your body into the next level of fitness.”

Regardless of where you’ve come from, where you’ve been, or your weight, size, or age, this program claims to gradually ramp up your fitness and refine your nutrition to help you get into amazing shape fast. The workouts increase by 10 minutes each week. If you follow the meal plan, you reduces the “bad stuff” gradually over the 21 day program.

Does this sound like you?  Get started at the official Beachbody website!

What is HIIT?

High intensity interval training, also known as HIIT is when performing these exercises for short periods of time, followed by even shorter rest periods. Normally these workouts last between 20 and 45 minutes. One of the most popular forms of HIIT is CrossFit, which aims to strengthen the entire body.

Benefits of HIIT workouts include a lot of exercise in a short amount of time, working your muscles and cardiovascular system at the same time. Because of this HIIT workouts might not be ideal for those who are just starting out—since this could lead to burnout or possibly injury if you’re not strong enough to keep good form the full workout. While Shift Shop might help alleviate this concern by ramping up the intensity, you’ll still want to speak with your doctor beforehand.

Who is Shift Shop for?

Do to how intense HIIT workouts can be and the fast paced can be. I would not recommends this if you are a straight off the couch beginner.  If that’s the case, I would recommend 21 Day Fix or P90 instead.

But if you do have a base level of fitness and are looking to step it up for quick results. This is the program for you!

You should expect to see some weight loss and an increase of your strength and cardio if you follow this program closely. If you like the results that you see, you can always go through the program again.

I would also say that this is a good bridge program for those looking to mix up their routines. For example if you’re just finishing up the insanity workout program and looking for a new workout so you don’t plateau…  This would be a good one to jump to next.

Shift Shop Workout

This is an agility workout program that features the most results-driven training methods to help you get fit and lose weight in just 3 weeks!

Shift Shop is centered around ‘ramping-up,’ which involves an easy start with incremental increases in cardio and strength-training intensity each week.

Based on this idea, here’s a brief overview of what you can expect throughout the program:

  • Week 1 – Shorter 25-minute workouts that promise to help you stay focused and committed, without burning out. From the meal plan perspective, you’ll eat a balanced amount of carbs, protein, and fat.
  • Week 2 – This week, Chris will start ramping up intensity and activity level so that you’re working out for 35 minutes each session and accelerating your results. You’ll also start cutting back on starchy carbs and increasing your protein and vegetable intake.
  • Week 3 – During the third week, you’ll experience higher-intensity, 45-minute workouts and clean eating, leading to a body “that’s significantly faster, stronger, and leaner.” From there, the website claims you’ll be able to “build on these accomplishments for the rest of your life.”

Throughout the program, you’ll find a modifier for each exercise, which can allow you to always get through the moves and still achieve a solid workout.

What’s included with Shift Shape

With the Shift Shop you get 8 workouts that start slow and increase in difficulty.

  • Speed (25 minutes) – Jump-start your cardio with 1-minute intervals designed to work your entire body, and get you breaking a sweat
  • Strength (25 Minutes) – Build a strong foundation with 1-minute intervals that feature easy-to-learn resistance moves, setting you up for successshift shop
  • Speed (35 Minutes) – Intensity increases—along with the formations. Improve your agility, build your stamina, and burn more calories
  • Strength (35 minutes) – Combining foundational moves, the intensity now ramps up, creating new challenges as you continue to gain strength.
  • Speed (45 minutes) – Up the ante with dynamic new drills that continue to ramp up your conditioning, and prepare you for any challenge
  • Strength (45 minutes) – The ultimate resistance workout, designed to challenge every muscle group, increase definition, and get the very best out of you
  • Shift Core (Bonus) – Prepare to strengthen your core as you breathe through 9 sequential 1-minute ab-shredding exercises.
  • Shift Mobility (Bonus) – Get ready for 20 minutes of focused stretching that helps alleviate tightness and gets you ready to continue the shift.

You’ll also receive a Jump Start Guide that helps you start achieving your goals on Day 1.

A 3-week calendar, and the Simple Shift Nutrition Guide — all specifically engineered to help you achieve maximum results.

Shift Shop Workout Review – The Verdict

I truly believe that this program is legit!

I would recommend a different program like 21 Day Fix if you are a true beginner

Having said that..

The Shift Show Workout program would be a great option for anyone that is looking to lose weight, build strength and/or increase their endurance in a short amount of time!

This is the program that you will want to get!

Click here to purchase it at the official Beachbody

If you’re looking to see great results in 21 days

I would recommend pairing the Shift Shop workout with the performance supplements

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Feel free to reach out if you have any question

Have a great day!


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